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Flashlight Reviews

CPFReviews.com is a flashlight reviews site with a mission to provide comparative flashlight reviews. Here, you will find a very select and special LED flashlights reviewed. The flashlights range from programmable, multi light levels, advanced Microprocessor (µC) controlled flashlights to simple on-off functionality flashlights. The flashlight comparisons are mainly based on various parameters such as it's dimensions, light output, type of light source, batteries used, power management and other features that it supports. Click Flashlight Reviews to get complete list of reviews available on this site. To Compare Flashlights based on various flashlight parameters, just select the checkboxes and click 'compare selected' button. Apart from flashlights, batteries that play an important role in flashlights and the battery analyzers to test these batteries are also reviewed. As there are multiple batteries and analyzers reviewed, we have created a dedicated index page for easy access to all such reviews. Have a look at Battery Analyzers, Chargers & Batteries index page.
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Latest Flashlights Reviewed
2010-05-16  Nuwai HLX27K-23AA Headlamp **New**
2009-08-11  Brando - Mini Dynamo Keychain 2-LED Flashlight
2009-08-08  Nuwai N1012L
2009-08-03  Fenix TK 11
2009-07-30  NovaTac EDC 120 T **Updated**
2009-07-27  NiteCore Defender Infinity - Silver **Updated**
2009-07-26  Fenix L0D Q4 Premium
2008-10-29  Muyshondt Aeon
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2008-12-05 AW Li-ion RCR123A Black Label New Battery Analysis

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